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Im a meme loving frick so lets do thjs
Are you afraid of:

[x] the dark
[] staying single forever
[x] being a parent
[x] giving birth (i dont plan on being a bio female lel)
[x] being myself in front of others
[ ] open spaces
[x] closed spaces
[x] heights
[ ] dogs
[] birds
[ ] fish
[ ] spiders
[ ] flowers or other plants
total so far: 6

[ ] being touched
[ ] fire
[x] deep water
[ ] snakes
[ ] silk
[ ] the ocean
[x] failure
[ ] success
[ ] thunder/lightning
[ ] frogs/toads
[ ] girlfriends/boyfriend's dad
[ ] girlfriends/boyfriend's mom
[ ] rats
[x] jumping from high places
[ ] snow
total so far: 9

[ ] rain
[ ] wind
[x] crossing hanging bridges
[x] death
[x] heaven
[x] being robbed
[x] falling (From really high places duh. Plus I don't like falling in general.)
[x] clowns
[/] dolls ((really old dolls ;;))
[x] large crowds of people
[ ] men
[ ] women
[ ] having great responsibilities
[ ] doctors, including dentists
[x] tornadoes
total so far: 17 1/2

[x] hurricanes
[x] incurable diseases
[ ] sharks
[ ] Friday the 13th
[x] ghosts
[ ] poverty
[ ] Halloween
[xxxxxxxxxx] school
[ ] trains
[ ] odd numbers  
[ ] even numbers
[x] becoming blind ((bruh I draw of course I fear of becoming blind))
[x] becoming deaf ((i wont be able to hear my friend's voices anymore...))
[x] growing up ((i hate growing up stop))
total so far: 24 1/2

[X] creepy noises in the night
[x] bee stings (idk if im allergic or not so............)
[x] not accomplishing my dreams/goals
[/] blood
[ ] dinosaurs
[ ] the welcome mat
[x] high speed
[x] throwing up
[ ] falling in love
[ ] super secrets
total: 30

If you wish to post this journal, it's been requested that you title it, "I'm afraid of __ out of 72 fears"

if you get more than 30, I highly suggest counseling
if you get more than 20, you're paranoid
if you get 10-20, you're normal.
if you get under 10, you're fearless.

Lmao i'm already in counseling so i'm p good

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